Cleaning Tips for the Whole House

We know how hard you work to keep your home clean. PINALEN® works as hard as you do without the juggling act. When it comes to performing your daily chores, one cleaning product gets the job done.

The power of PINALEN® is in its pine oil concentrate that cleans everything from small spills to big messes.

Every active home has a “lived-in” look and the last thing you want is to add to the mess with sponges, mops, brooms, brushes, buckets and towels. These tips help you eliminate the cleaning clutter AND the cleaning chore.

Carpet and Rugs-  There’s no need to call professional carpet cleaners the next time you spill juice or wine, or drop a plate of food on your favorite rug. Just dilute ¼ cup of PINALEN® in one gallon of water to spot treat your carpet or rug. Use a clean rag or sponge and always test a small, hidden area of the carpet to check for color fastness first.

Kid Messes- Whether it’s permanent marker on your hardwood floors or tiny hand stains on the wall, PINALEN® cleans and removes even the most ground-in messes. Just dilute 8 fluid ounces of PINALEN® in 80 fluid ounces of water and remove those stains with ease.

Everyday Dust and Dirt - From delicate home accessories to sturdy overhead fans, dust, dirt and grime are not match for PINALEN®. Just ¼ cup of PINALEN® to a half gallon of water and your fans and decorative furnishings will be clean as new.

Odors- It’s hard to keep your home smelling good when you’re confronted by stinky garbage cans. PINALEN® removes strong odors that keep your home from feeling welcoming. Just ¼ cup PINALEN® to a half gallon of water and wipe down the interior of your garbage cans and kitchen wastebasket.

Pets- Wherever your pet sleeps, you want the area to be clean and free from pet smells. You can clean any hard surface area in which your pet sleeps. Just dilute 1 ⅓ cup of PINALEN® in a half gallon of water and wipe down your pet’s sleeping area.

Floors- Whether you have linoleum, laminated, hardwood or tile floors, you can clean and deodorize these hard flooring surfaces without damage due to the gentle soap and pine oil mixture. Just dilute ¼ cup of PINALEN® to a half gallon of water and mop without needing to rinse.

Countertops- If your counters are made of Formica®, you can easily clean on a daily basis. As a non-abrasive cleaner, you can clean without concern for damage to laminate countertops.


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