Outdoor Cleaning Tips

Wouldn’t it be satisfying to throw away all the cleaners and tools you usually use to clean your outdoor space and replace them with one product and one solution? With PINALEN®, now you can. Just dilute according to the instructions and wipe surfaces clean with a cloth, sponge or bristle brush.

Sandboxes and Playscapes – Remove mud stains from high resin plastic toys. Keep your little one clean and you worry free. Just dilute ¼ cup of PINALEN® in 2 cups (16 fl oz) of water, wipe and rinse.

Metal and Resin Outdoor Furniture – Clean ground in dirt from even the most winter hardened patio furniture. For Metal Furniture just dilute ¼ cup of PINALEN® in a half gallon of water and your furniture cushions and club chairs will look good as new. For Resin Furniture dilute 1 fluid ounce of PINALEN® in 80 fluid ounces of water.

Car and Boats – Cleans and eliminates spots on doormats, carpets, dashboards and even whitewall tires. For doormats just dilute 1 fluid ounces of PINALEN® in 8 fluid ounces of water and your doormats will look good as new. For dashboards, carpet and tires just dilute ¼ cup of PINALEN® in 1 gallon of water and they will look like they've been professionally detailed.

Garage – Removes oil stains from your tools and grease marks left from bicycle chains. Just apply full strength PINALEN® to hard to remove oil and grease spots, lightly scrub and hose down.   


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